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Air Conditioning Repair In Jacksonville, FL

When your conditioning system breaks down, the results can be overwhelming, as your indoor environment turns from a healthy, comfortable place into a hot, sticky setting with low indoor air quality, too-high levels of humidity, and a dangerous environment for you, other people, and pets to spend time. Any time your cooling system fails to function, it’s critical to have a professional repair the system as soon as possible to avoid allergens and contaminants, overheating, negative health consequences, and other issues.


Call Our Jacksonville AC Repair Technicians

Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists offers all-encompassing AC unit repair services you can count on to keep your home as comfortable, healthy, and welcoming as possible! We offer preventative air conditioning maintenance services to keep your A/C system functioning optimally so you can avoid recurring breakdowns, boost cooling dependability, reduce utility costs of running your air conditioner, maintain high indoor air quality (IAQ), and retain your air conditioning unit for the length of its functional lifespan, among other benefits.

Our skilled AC repair technicians expertly diagnose cooling problems and offer prompt, informed recommendations for the best course of action. We can resolve any number of common AC issues in all name-brand A/C units, so we can install, repair, tune up, maintain, and replace whatever system you have in your home whenever necessary.

Avoid These Common Air Conditioning Issues

There are a number of common reasons your air conditioner might stop blowing cooled air, not function as you expect it to, or fail to function at all. Avoid these common A/C issues with help from our HVAC experts at Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists!

Old, Dirty Air Filters

Over time, the air filters in your air conditioning system trap and accumulate dust, dirt, dander bacteria, and other airborne debris. As such, it’s important that you switch out your air filters once each month or as often as is recommended by your HVAC specialist. Switching out your air filter and ensuring your system has clean filters when due will help ensure your HVAC system functions properly and isn’t straining itself to meet your preset temperature.

Low Levels Of Refrigerant

Another potential common issue that occurs with air conditioning systems is low levels of refrigerant. This can point to a leak in your air conditioning system. If you have a refrigerant leak, you should know that it can be dangerous and should not be handled by anyone who is untrained. Our technicians at Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists can safely complete your air conditioner repair by identifying the type of issue and remediating the problem.

Frozen AC Coils

Frozen AC coils can occur for a number of reasons, among the most common of which results from inadequate or poor air circulation in your home. If your unit turns on and the system runs but no cool air is blowing from the vents, your system may have frozen air conditioning coils. Contact our local HVAC contractors for prompt, reliable service! We will unthaw the unit and help prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

Strange AC Unit Noises

If your home is generally a quiet, pleasant place, but when you turn on your air conditioning system, you hear a cacophony of sounds, it’s time to call in the experts! If you hear clanking and other strange noises coming from your AC unit or any other part of your HVAC system, this can be a sign of a problem with an internal system component. The belt may be loose or misaligned, or the issue may lie elsewhere. No matter the issue, our technicians can fix it!

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