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Heat Pump Maintenance In Jacksonville, FL

Heat transfer pumps or heat pumps are optimal for use in our sub-tropical, humid, and warm climates throughout the State of Florida. Our skilled HVAC technicians in Jacksonville, FL, are certified and trained to install and perform regular, preventative maintenance on just about every name-brand heat pump brand and product. During your heat pump tune-up call, our technicians are able to inspect each component of your system, diagnosing and repairing any issue commonly experienced by heat pumps, such as air filter clogs, broken heater elements, and condenser unit freezing.

HVAC technician performing a service call

HVAC maintenance, specifically heat pump maintenance, is highly recommended if you want to ensure your heat pump functions properly, reliably, and without interference from damaged components and other issues. Your heat pump provides you with cooled air in the hot seasons and heated air in the cold season, meaning it operates year-round. This means it’s subject to potential damage and wearing out, which can cause it to function improperly. Call Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists for a heat pump inspection and tune-up every fall and spring season. During your appointment, our technicians will clean and repair your system, effectively extending its functional lifespan and helping it to work as it should.

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